About Me

Daryl Guberman

My name is Daryl Guberman, I’m a lifelong resident of Connecticut, outspoken community advocate, animal activist, and CEO of Guberman-PMC, LLC, as well as co-founder of VOB 9009, the country’s first quality management certification program for exclusively for Veteran-owned businesses. I’m also a potential Candidate for United States Senate as an Independent (I) with no party affiliation.

Change Connecticut Needs

For too long Connecticut has been poorly represented by self-interest politicians with far left views, jeopardizing our personal freedoms, over regulating and over taxing small businesses, ignoring our education system, and failing to take care of our veterans. From Medal of Honor recipients slamming Senator Blumenthal Over His ‘Stolen Valor,’ Hypocrisy to the ridiculous and dangerous comments from Senator Chris Murphy Wanting ‘No Screening’ for Immigrants, More Gun Control. Enough is enough, residents are fed up with the corruption and incompetency in Connecticut politics. Knowledgeable people in the Constitution state are joining our grassroots movement to benefit our citizens, and not just the well connected. As proven in the national Presidential election, Americans are fed up with career Politicians and they want real change. As a successful business owner, I’ve learned to solve problems with strategic long term solutions that are not only effective, but highly efficient. This is how I plan to solve problems in Connecticut, and take the fight to Washington.

Crony Capitalism

One of the biggest problems in our country today ignored by Washington is crony capitalism, and it’s drastically but unknowingly affecting our national security, destroying our economy, and financially ruining small business owners nationwide. Crony capitalism is the one and most important issue you’ll never hear Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy discuss in public, and for good reason. The vast majority of politicians today in both parties, Democrat and Republican, are involved in colluding with large corporations for financial gain and influence. Large corporations and politicians are utilizing lobbyist groups in Washington to squeeze more federal and state funding (tax dollars) out of Americans, and more importantly, unfairly dominate a marketplace by violating antitrust laws. You may be surprised to learn that unquestionably, crony capitalism is the single most important factor responsible for virtually every major economic problem in Connecticut, and the country. Crony capitalism is behind many of the laws, regulations, and policies that damage our freedoms, hurt small businesses, and weaken our economy. And it happens in all levels of government… city, state and federal.

The Challenge Ahead

I am considering a run for Senate because the fight is important for all Connecticut residents and Americans. In my business travels I see the struggles people are facing ever day in the state and across the country. More than just talk, I have took a bold offensive and fought corporate corruption in Connecticut, and put accountability in the process. As your Senator, I will continue to do so at every turn for every Connecticut resident. I support an economic plan that restores prosperity based on our constitutional principles, and I’ll push for a tax system that is fair without sacrificing needed programs for the poor, sick, senior citizens. Many senior citizens are on fixed budgets and find it difficult to pay rising property taxes. I’ll fight for a program to lessen the burden of property taxes for senior citizens with limited income. These are just some of the issues I plan to fight for if I decide to run for United States Senate representing the state of Connecticut.

The American economy and our way of life has changed significantly over the last 20 years, and I want to be your voice, and not just another politician making false promises. Our mission is clear, and that’s too fight for the values hard working Connecticut residents hold dear… family values, economic prosperity, higher education system, health care, fair tax code, national defense, safety net programs for seniors, better care for veterans, and respect for law enforcement. I ask for your support.


Guberman For Senate