tile tracking

Tile adds anti-theft mode that makes its trackers undetectable, threatens $1 million fine if used for stalking

It requires an extensive verification process
In context: Tackers such as Apple's AirTags are becoming an increasingly popular way of keeping track of items such as car keys, but while they might discourage thefts, they've also made it a lot easier for people to follow someone without them realizing. Tile's new Anti-Theft Mode makes the trackers more difficult to discover, which is potentially bad news for thieves but good news for stalkers. However, Tile is threatening anyone who engages in the latter with a $1 million fine.

Meta increases personal security spending for Mark Zuckerberg to $14 million amid layoffs and efficiency calls

The final figure could be double that amount
A hot potato: Meta says it is increasing the amount of money it spends on Mark Zuckerberg's personal security by $4 million, taking the total to $14 million. It comes as the company eliminates thousands of jobs and its CEO talks about 2023 being the "year of efficiency."
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