Write-In Guberman

Write-in Candidates Can Win Elections

Many people believe it is impossible for a write-in candidate to win a state election. However, that assumption is not only unfounded, it’s frankly, unpatriotic to believe only the politically connected and wealthy can win a state election. In fact, there have been several cases of write-in candidates winning seats in the United States Congress and Senate.

Strom Thurmond, the late South Carolina Senator, was the first write-in candidate elected to the U.S. Congress. He served for 48 years. In 2006, Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson ran a successful write-in campaign. In 2010, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska won the Alaska Senate election through write-in votes after losing the Republican primary to a Tea Party candidate. She was the second US Senator to win on the basis of write-in votes. In 1998, Tennessee State Senator Charlotte Burks was elected as a write-candidate. Therefore, although it’s rare to see write-in candidates to win major elections, it does happen.

My Decision To Be a Write-In Candidate

Connecticut lawmakers purposely make it difficult for lessor known candidates to run for a major election in the state. This is done to keep themselves and their cronies in power, and to avoid facing opponents with no allegiance to a political party. For instance, in order to get my name on the ballot, I’m required to collect thousands of signature, and/or petition to be nominated by a political party recognized in the state. All of this is just another way for political elites to maintain power and have influence over candidates and elections.


No Political Party Allegiance

In Connecticut, a write-in candidate cannot designate an affiliation with a political party, and no candidate who was nominated by a major or minor party or by petition may run as a write-in candidate. This is perfectly fine with me because my allegiance is to the people of Connecticut, and not to any particular political party, lobbyist group, or big name donor.

It is my belief that no candidate can honestly claim to be “for the people’ if he or she represents a political party that influences their decisions. People are fed up with politics and collusion in the political arena. My party is you — the working class families, small business owners, seniors, veterans, teachers, and the brave men and women of our police and fire departments. These people are the backbone of Connecticut, and which I’ll owe my allegiance. Not the Democratic party, not the Republican party, not lobbyists, and certainly not big donors seeking favors. That is why I’ve chosen to run as a write-in candidate.

How To Vote For Me

My campaign plans to be filing the necessary papers with the Secretary of State’s Office as a write-in candidate for United States Senator.
Keep in mind, as a write-in candidate, my name will not appear on the ballot. However, voting machines in Connecticut are programed to accept the names of candidates written in by registered voters. In addition, all those voting for me will be able to registrar their name on this website to ensure your vote was counted by state officials. My campaign manager will soon be releasing a video on how to make sure your write-in vote is counted, and how to register your vote here on DarylGuberman.com. It’s unfortunate we need to go to such measures. However, it’s important to me that every vote is counted and awarded to the correct candidate.

We Can and Will Win

My opponent Sen. Blumenthal would want you to believe that write-in candidates do not have a chance in a state election. Obviously, he prefers residents are not aware that write-in candidates have successfully won elections to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. We all know politicians have a way to twist the facts, and hide the truth from their constitutes. As your Senator, I’ll continue to encourage write-in candidates in Connecticut and across the country to set their sites on top elected seats. After all, the only way we can drain the swamp in Washington is to pull the plug on those in both major parties milking the system for far too long. Let the revolution start here in Connecticut. Write-in Guberman For U.S. Senate.

Guberman For Senate